Does PB Tech Price Match?

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When shopping for electronics, you might wonder if PB Tech offers a price match guarantee. 

PB Tech is known for their extensive range of electronics and competitive pricing. If you find a lower price on an identical stocked item from any local competitor, PB Tech may match that price for you, ensuring you get the best possible deal.

The price match policy at PB Tech is designed to give you peace of mind when purchasing.

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It’s important to understand the terms and conditions, which typically include the product being in stock, the competitor’s price being verifiable, and the item being identical in brand, model, and condition.

PB Tech’s Price Match Policy

PB Tech is committed to providing competitive prices and operates a Price Match Policy for your shopping convenience.

Policy Overview

When you find a lower priced item that is identically stocked at a competitor, PB Tech may match that price. The price match request must be presented before or during purchase.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The competitor’s product must be identical to the one offered by PB Tech, including the model, brand, and colour.
  • The product must be in stock at both PB Tech and the competitor at the time of the price match request.

Exclusions and Limitations

  • The Price Match Policy does not apply to trade quotes, stock liquidations, and commercial quantities.
  • PB Tech does not match pricing from auction websites or products not offered under the same terms and conditions.

How to Request a Price Match

When you find a lower price on a competitor’s website, requesting a price match from PB Tech is a simple process that can help you get the best deal on your purchase.

Steps to Follow

  1. Identify the lower-priced item: Ensure the product you want PB Tech to price match is identical to the one offered by the competitor, including the brand, model number, and colour.
  2. Visit the price match policy page: Familiarise yourself with the conditions for price matching so your request will be successful.
  3. Fill out the price match request form: Provide all the details about the product and the competitor’s pricing in the price match request form found on the policy page.
  4. Submit the form: After filling it out, submit the form for review, and wait for PB Tech to respond to your request.

Required Documentation

  • Competitor’s advertisement: Provide a clear and current advertisement, either a print ad or a link to the web page, showing the lower price.
  • Proof of price: Screenshots or documentation proving that the competitor’s product is in stock and available at the advertised price.

By providing thorough documentation, your price match request will be processed more efficiently, potentially leading to quicker approval and savings on your purchase.

PB Tech Website Price Match Policy

Item Verification Process

To ensure accuracy in their price matching, PB Tech has established a specific method of verifying items.

This process involves checking the items against certain criteria to confirm their eligibility for a price match.

Verification by PB Tech

When you present a product for a price match at PB Tech, their staff will first confirm if the item is identical to the competitor’s product.

This includes checking the brand, model, and any bundled accessories. Your product must be:

  • New: It should be brand new, unused, and in its original packaging.
  • In Stock: The competitor must have the item available for immediate purchase.
  • Identically Matched: The product must be the same make, model, condition, and warranty.

If your item doesn’t meet these criteria, it may not be eligible for price matching at PB Tech.

Time Frame

Once you submit a price match request, PB Tech typically takes a short period to verify the competitor’s pricing and availability. You can expect:

  • Swift Verification: The verification process is usually completed within a few hours.
  • Immediate Feedback: If your request is during business hours, you’ll likely receive a response the same day.

This time frame ensures you’re not waiting long to take advantage of a competitor’s lower pricing.

If you plan to visit a store, consider calling ahead to confirm the item’s eligibility for price matching.

After Price Match Approval

Once PB Tech approves your price match request, you can purchase the item at the lower matched price or receive a refund for the difference if you’ve already made a purchase.

Purchasing at Matched Price

You can now buy the product at the reduced price. Simply proceed to checkout, and the adjusted price will automatically be applied to your purchase.

Refund Process

If you’ve already bought the item and PB Tech confirms a price match, you will receive a refund for the price difference.

This refund will be issued to your original method of payment within a specified period, typically a few business days.

Common Questions about Price Matching

Price-matching policies can save you money when shopping. Understanding how PB Tech handles price matching with online stores and out-of-stock items will help you shop more effectively.

Does PB Tech Price Match Online Stores?

PB Tech does price match products from selected online stores in New Zealand.

When you find a lower price, ensure it’s from an eligible online retailer and the product is identical to PB Tech’s, including the model, brand, and condition.

To initiate the price match, you typically need to present the advertisement or the webpage showing the lower price to PB Tech.

What if the Competitor’s Product Is Out of Stock?

If a competitor’s product is currently out of stock, PB Tech may be unable to match the price.

The price match guarantee typically requires that the item is in stock and available for purchase at the lower price advertised by the competitor.

You should check PB Tech’s specific terms on availability to confirm if an out-of-stock item can be subject to a price match.

Tips for Successful Price Matching

When you’re looking to price match at PB Tech, ensure you have verifiable proof of the competitor’s lower price.

This can be a screenshot, a flyer, or a link to the online listing. Remember to check that the item is identical in brand, model, and features to qualify for a price match.

Check the dates on promotional materials, as price matches are often only honoured if the lower price is currently valid.

It’s also crucial to know PB Tech’s price match policy specifics, such as if they match online retailers or just local competitors.

Here’s a simple list to guide you:

  • Have proof ready: Screenshots, flyers, or links
  • Verify the match: Same brand, model, and features
  • Check dates: Promotions must be current
  • Policy awareness: Understand PB Tech’s conditions

If you’re in-store, approach a PB Tech staff member politely and inquire about the possibility of a price match.

For online purchases, contact customer service before making your purchase to find out the steps for price matching.

Be persistent yet patient. Staff may need time to verify the competitor’s price, and the match may not always be instant.

If your request is denied, clarifying the reason can help you better understand the policy for future reference.

PB Tech Price Match
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