18 Hobby Ideas That Are Perfect for Mums

Hobby Ideas That Are Perfect for Moms Featured Image

Inside: Find a new pastime with this list of hobbies for mums. When I was growing up, my mum had lots of hobbies. On top of working full-time as a nurse (night shift so she could be home with us during the day), she took night courses in Calligraphy and Chinese cooking. She also knitted, … Read more

50+ Staycation Ideas For Kids And Families

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Would you like to take the entire family on holiday to some fun and exotic locale? Do you find that your budget and idea for a fun getaway do not jive? If this is you, how about some staycation ideas for kids and their families that can be well within anyone’s budget? These are suggestions … Read more

71 Free Gift Ideas They’ll Totally Love

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Inside: 71 fabulous and totally free gift ideas your recipient will love! The holiday season can be hard on your wallet – but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be! It’s difficult to plan Christmas gifts when you have no money, but you can let it inspire you to find something truly meaningful.   … Read more

28 Christmas Decorations You Can Make With the Kids

Two kids by the window making DIY Christmas decorations

Christmas, that joyful time where we focus on family and food. Well, sometimes. I’ve got to admit, Christmas didn’t mean that much to me until I had kids. But now, as a mum, it’s taken on a whole new meaning. I love decorating with them, we make a night of putting up the tree and have … Read more

11 Low-Cost Lactation Recipes To Boost Your Milk Supply

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Breastfeeding – that natural and simple process that just happens so easily when you have a baby – ha! Well, that may be the case for some, but not for me. I so desperately want to nurse my baby and honestly did not think I’d struggle with it as bad as I did. I remember sitting … Read more

15 Hearty and Cheap Winter Family Meals Your Kids Will Love

Brrr – it’s really starting to get chilly out there. I’ve had the slow cooker out for the past week which I love because it’s such an easy way to cook, and it makes my freezing kitchen feel cosy. BUT I’m starting to run out of hearty meal ideas for my hungry tribe. With a … Read more

85 Cheap Mince Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

Cheap Mince Recipes

Mince is a great staple protein source that is relatively cheap and very adaptable. That’s why families love it! I’ve curated a list of cheap mince recipes that the whole family will love. All of these recipes have two things in common. First – they’re affordable. And secondly, they’re packed with flavour. If you need … Read more

14 Leftover Ham Recipes All The Family Will Love

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Do you often find yourself cooking a ham for gatherings or family get-togethers? Ham sales skyrocket around the holidays, as most traditional meals feature ham as the main dish. This year, we’re keeping it really simple and have asked my parents for a Christmas ham as our gift (my Mum does the best honey-glazed ham … Read more

9 Cheap Ways to Make Family Meals More Filling

9 Cheap Ways to Make Family Meals More Filling

These days, everyone needs to think about being frugal in the kitchen. A great way to be frugal when cooking for your family is to find creative ways to bulk up your family’s meals with inexpensive additions.  9 Cheap Ways to Bulk Up Family Meals 1. Bulk up on vegetables. Fruits and vegetables in the … Read more