5 Ways Downsizing Your House Can Save You Money

Are you considering downsizing your house to save money? Welcome to the club! Hello, my name is Emma and in 2015 I was exactly where you are now. I won’t rehash our entire downsizing story (you can read it here if you like) but suffice to say we downsized so we would have more time … Read more

Want Need Wear Read: What is the 4 Gift Rule?

Pair of hand holding a gift with Christmas ornaments around it

The holiday season is always a challenge for those of us intent on simplifying our lives. If you are a minimalist parent, or just don’t like the excess that surrounds this time of year, here is a simple concept that could make your holiday season a whole lot easier. Want Need Wear Read: How does … Read more

12 Thoughtful Gifts for Minimalists (They’ll Actually Like)

Photos showing several boxes wrapped as gifts with text overlay that reads Gift Ideas for Minimalists

Gifts for Minimalists. Sounds kind of like an oxymoron. I mean minimalists don’t want more stuff, right?? Wrong.  Minimalists love gifts that are thoughtful, heartfelt, practical, or consumable. It’s not that we completely eschew stuff, it’s that we try to own only the things which we use or love. If an item doesn’t fit into those … Read more

How We Got Rid of Half Our Stuff and Downsized Our Lives

Photo showing a large room with boxes on the floor with text overlay that reads How We Got Rid of Half Our Stuff and Downsized Our Lives

Eight years ago, my husband and I were living in a large home with loads of stuff all around us. We had a toddler, a low income, and a large mortgage payment (relative to the income, anyway). Our house was damaged in an earthquake and we were unable to renovate it until we had a … Read more

What is a Fiver Party and How Does it Work?

Photo of four happy children with with their hands raised in a kids party

Text to (insert number on invitation): “Does (child) like Paw Patrol/Shopkins/other plastic junk that I really don’t want to buy but must?” (I don’t say that last bit). Grab the item, take it to the cashier, and ask for a gift exchange receipt, just in case. This is the routine I go through 5 or … Read more

12 Life-Changing Benefits of Living in a Smaller Home

Living in a small home with a family

I’ve been living in a small house with my family for over three years now. I was quite apprehensive about how living in a smaller home would work for us, but I can say now that downsizing was the right choice. Don’t get me wrong, living in a small house with a family has not … Read more

The Simple Decluttering Tip That Changed My Life

Simple Decluttering Tip_pair of hands holding a basket placed near cluttered clothes.

Do you struggle with decluttering? If so, you’re in good company. I hated decluttering. I love my stuff! But I realised that my stuff was literally costing me money after paying nearly $4000 to store it while I travelled around the world with my family. My husband and I decided to downsize to an 80sqm … Read more

Why We’re Downsizing the Family Home With Kids

Downsizing with a Family Why We're Downsizing with Kids

If you’re interested in downsizing with a family, this is my first blog post about our decision to downsize our family home. We spent 2015 in Spain, renting a small apartment and living like locals. We had just found out we (me) were pregnant and planned to head back to New Zealand to have the … Read more