Winter Energy Payment 2024: What You Need to Know

As the temperature drops, keeping your home warm becomes crucial, and the cost associated with it can be a concern. That’s where the Winter Energy Payment comes into play—a financial boost to help you manage the cost of heating during the colder months. If you’re eligible, this payment is made to you automatically along with … Read more

Does PB Tech Price Match?

PB Tech Price Match Unveiling Their Price Policy Secrets Featured image

When shopping for electronics, you might wonder if PB Tech offers a price match guarantee.  PB Tech is known for their extensive range of electronics and competitive pricing. If you find a lower price on an identical stocked item from any local competitor, PB Tech may match that price for you, ensuring you get the best … Read more

Five Questions I Ask Myself Before Making a Purchase

the green ceiling of a luminarium

I’ve found putting rules in place around how I use money has helped me to not spend so much of it on stuff I don’t need (or remember buying). I wrote this article in 2015 while booking flights back to New Zealand after living in Spain. The context is dated, but the message remains the … Read more

10 Reasons Staying in Your Starter Home Is a Smart Move

Reasons Staying in Your Starter Home Is a Smart Mov

This article was first published in 2015. Last month I wrote about how we live on a fixed budget.  In that post, I mentioned that we lived in a starter home. I really should punch myself in the face for typing those words into my blog because I hate the term ‘starter home’. Let me tell … Read more

5 Ways Downsizing Your House Can Save You Money

Are you considering downsizing your house to save money? Welcome to the club! Hello, my name is Emma and in 2015 I was exactly where you are now. I won’t rehash our entire downsizing story (you can read it here if you like) but suffice to say we downsized so we would have more time … Read more

18 Hobby Ideas That Are Perfect for Mums

Hobby Ideas That Are Perfect for Moms Featured Image

Inside: Find a new pastime with this list of hobbies for mums. When I was growing up, my mum had lots of hobbies. On top of working full-time as a nurse (night shift so she could be home with us during the day), she took night courses in Calligraphy and Chinese cooking. She also knitted, … Read more

8 Practical Tips For Growing Vegetables on a Budget

Practical Tips For Growing Vegetables on a Budget Featured Image

My name is Sarah, and I’m going to share some tips to save money by easily growing your own veggies.  My wake-up call with money came when I added up the debts that we had and then worked out how long and hard we’d be working in order to pay them off.  At that point, … Read more

135 Best Frugal Living Tips to Save Money in 2024

Best Frugal Living Tips to Save Money_ine drying clothes

You might think frugal living is reusing your coffee filters or giving up avocado toast. But it doesn’t have to be that. The frugal living tips below can help you save money without sacrificing your lifestyle.  Yup – that’s right! Living a frugal life can be whatever you want – whether that’s cutting back on luxuries … Read more

Does New Zealand Have Uber? (READ Before Visiting!)

Uber_A Quick Look at Ride-Sharing Options Down Under

Heading over to New Zealand and wondering about your transport options? Good news, mate – you’ve got Uber at your fingertips. It’s become a popular choice for both locals and travellers keen to zip around the cities. Whether you’re needing a lift to the majestic Aoraki/Mount Cook or a quick ride after a night out … Read more

The Swear Jar Rules That’ll Help You Stop Cursing (maybe)

A boy with white shirt covering his ears_The Swear Jar Rules

The good ol’ swear jar. Parting the potty-mouthed with their pennies since forever. If colourful language is your swan song, but you have kids and don’t want them to sound feral, you might consider starting a swear jar. Use a swear jar to help you or your partner stop using curse words. These swear jar … Read more