Does Noel Leeming Price Match? (2024 Price Match & Adjustment Policy)

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When shopping for electronics or appliances, getting the best deal is a top priority.

It’s entirely reasonable to wonder whether your favourite stores offer price-matching services, and Noel Leeming might be on your list.

In this article, we will explore the price-matching policy at Noel Leeming in New Zealand.

Price matching is a widespread practice among retailers to earn customer loyalty and build trust by ensuring that their customers receive the most competitive prices.

Noel Leeming does have a Price Promise policy, which means they will match any competitor’s price if your claim qualifies.

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This is great news for you, as it allows you to shop confidently, knowing you’re receiving the best available prices on your products.

To take advantage of the Noel Leeming Price Promise, it’s essential to be familiar with the requirements and conditions of their policy.

Knowing how to present a claim correctly can create a hassle-free shopping experience and ensure that you always receive the best price possible.

Noel Leeming Price Match Policy

How It Works

At Noel Leeming, they’re dedicated to offering the best prices for their customers.

If you find a lower price on an identical product elsewhere, their Price Match Promise ensures that they’ll match the price for you.

All you need is the original receipt, proof of the competitor’s price on a current advertisement or an online listing with a matching photograph showcasing the product’s price.


There are specific exclusions you should be aware of when it comes to Noel Leeming’s Price Match Promise.

Some of the key exclusions include limited quantities of a product, special events such as Black Friday, and deals that require additional purchases or conditions to be met.

It’s also important to note that the Price Match Promise may be terminated or amended at any time without notice and is subject to the store’s usual terms and conditions of trade.

To learn more about these terms and conditions, you can visit the Noel Leeming Price Promise page on their website.

Comparing Prices

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When shopping at Noel Leeming, you may often wonder if you can find a better deal elsewhere. To make sure you’re getting the best possible price, it’s important to compare prices with other retailers.

In this section, we’ll discuss how Noel Leeming’s Price Match policy works and what steps you need to take to ensure you’re benefiting from it.

Eligible Retailers

To make a price match claim, you’ll first need to find an eligible retailer that offers the same product at a lower price.

Noel Leeming typically considers online and in-store competitors to keep things fair for their customers.

But, keep in mind that not all retailers may qualify for the Price Match policy.

Once you find an eligible retailer, simply present the lower price offer to a staff member at your local Noel Leeming store.

If your claim qualifies, they will match the price and even give you Standard Flybuys as a bonus (source).

Evaluating Online Prices

When comparing online prices, it’s essential to consider factors such as shipping fees and product availability.

Noel Leeming’s Price Match policy may not apply if the lower price found online includes additional charges or if the product is out of stock.

To ensure that the online price you’re comparing is valid, make sure to check the competitor’s website thoroughly and gather enough information on their pricing and shipping policies.

Having this information handy will help you make a stronger case for your Price Match claim at Noel Leeming.

By staying informed and actively comparing prices, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal at Noel Leeming.

Keep in mind that their Price Match policy may change, so always double-check the current terms and conditions before making your purchase.

How to Request a Price Match

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As a customer, you may want to take advantage of Noel Leeming’s Price Promise, which allows you to request a price match when you find the same product at a lower price from a competitor.

This section will guide you through the process of requesting a price match both in-store and online.

In-Store Process

When you come across a product you wish to purchase from Noel Leeming, and you find the same item at a lower price from a competitor, follow these simple steps to request a price match in-store:

  1. Take note of the competitor’s price, including the final price inclusive of any delivery, GST, fees, and charges.
  2. Bring proof of the lower price, such as the competitor’s advertisement or webpage, to a Noel Leeming store.
  3. Speak with a customer service assistant and present the evidence showing the competitor’s lower price.
  4. The customer service assistant will verify the lower price and, if your claim qualifies, they will match the competitor’s price for the identical product.

Online Process

Requesting a price match on the Noel Leeming website is also quite simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Identify the product you want to purchase and take note of the competitor’s lower price, inclusive of any delivery, taxes, fees, and charges.
  2. Contact Noel Leeming’s online chat support, available on their website, and provide evidence of the competitor’s lower price.
  3. The online chat support team will verify the lower price and if your claim is valid, they will provide you with a discount code to match the competitor’s price.
  4. Apply the discount code at checkout, and you will receive the product at the matched price.

Remember, Noel Leeming reserves the right to verify any price match claims and may exclude limited quantity offers or items on clearance.

By following the above steps, you can make the most of Noel Leeming’s Price Promise and secure the best deal for your purchase.

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