How Much Is 6 Figures in Money?

How much is six figures in money? This may sound like a simple question, but the answer might surprise you. The term “six-figure income” refers to someone who earns more than 100k per year or 6 digits on their paycheck that are not preceded by $0.00 (zero). How much is a figure? A figure is … Read more

Working Two Jobs No Days Off – Is it Worth it?

Working Two Jobs No Days Off - Is it Worth it?

It’s not uncommon for people to work two jobs with no days off today in order to make ends meet. In fact, according to a US Census, in Q1 of 2018, 9.1% of women and 6.6% of men held more than one job.  But is it worth it? Sure you might have a lot more … Read more

What Is the 100 Envelope Challenge? Is It Right for You?

Stack of envelopes and money in an envelope_What Is the 100 Envelope Challenge

Do you want to save more money? Of course you do! A new way to do this is by taking the 100 Envelope Challenge. This challenge is simple and effective and was popularised on TikTok. It can help you to save over $5,000 in a fraction of a year! Read on to learn more about … Read more

7 Tips for Winning Competitions From a Pro Comper

Tips for Winning Competitions From a Pro Comper_Happy woman holding money in front of laptop

If you’ve ever wondered how some people always seem to win competitions – today’s post is for you. One of the best parts of blogging about money is that people email me with all the different ideas and strategies they use to boost their income. A few weeks back I got an email from Rae, … Read more

26 Small Business Ideas for Parents

Small Business Ideas for Mums_Woman managing small business at home

Searching for small business ideas for mums? Home businesses that can work around your family commitments? Well, you’re not alone. With advancements in technology and the digital world, it’s now easier than ever to work from home, be a freelancer, or even start your own business. Having a home business not only lets you step … Read more

16 Free Courses to Help You Work From Home in 2024

Free Courses to Help You Work From Home_Working from home mom with laptop and a little girl beside her

Looking for free work-from-home courses to kickstart your career? You’re not alone. Working from home can give you the perfect mix of freedom and flexibility while allowing you to earn enough money to pay the bills. Plus, you don’t have to worry about asking your boss for time off if your kids are sick. The … Read more

33 High Income Skills Anyone Can Learn

High Income Skills Anyone Can Learn_Woman working in front of her computer

If you want to boost your income, have you considered acquiring some high-income skills? This can be a great way to use any free time, with the long-term aim of making plenty of money. The good news is, that there are serious dollars to be earned by anyone who possesses skills in high demand.  You … Read more

19 Best Online Jobs For Teens 2024

A young woman wearing head set in front of her laptop_Best Online Jobs For Teens

From dog walking and babysitting to freelance writing and social media scheduling, these are the best online jobs for teens (and how much they pay). Maybe you want some extra cash for some new games or you are saving up for a new car or even your first house! Whatever the reason, there are tons … Read more

How to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

A hand holding a mouse on the table_How to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

If you could have more income, more freedom, and work from home or anywhere in the world, would you? That’s what becoming a virtual assistant can do for you. It doesn’t take a fancy skillset to make it happen. You probably already have everything you need to start. But you might need a little direction … Read more

How to Get Your First Writing Job on Upwork: 9 Tips

Upwork website on PC and cellphone_How to Get Your First Writing Job on Upwork

Making money writing on Upwork was how I started to work online. I was studiously building my websites for passive income but the money was slowly coming.  I knew making money from websites was a long game. And I needed to make money right away so I started taking writing jobs from I have … Read more