SHE Media Review 2024: The Perfect First Step in Monetization

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Inside: We share an honest SheMedia review after using the media partner network for a number of months.

She Media is an ad network that gained popularity after Mediavine increased its minimum traffic requirements

By choosing to partner with She Media, you’ll have the opportunity to monetize your blog through various ad formats and benefit from their unique technology.

As a blogger, it’s essential to explore the various advertising networks available to maximize your blog’s income potential.

This She Media review aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the platform, focusing on the ad monetization technology, dashboard and reporting features, professional services, and support that She Media offers.

From partnerships and benefits to site optimization and growth, this article will cover all the crucial aspects you need to know before deciding whether She Media is the right fit for your blog.

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Oh, and just to clarify that I know what I’m talking about, I’m a SHE Media publisher with two niche sites currently monetized with the SheMedia team and currently bringing two smaller sites on board – I really rate them.

Key Takeaways

  • She Media offers a variety of ad monetization options to help maximize your blog’s income potential.
  • The platform provides an intuitive dashboard for easy reporting and tracking of your blog’s performance.
  • Access to professional services, support, and growth opportunities make She Media a valuable partner for bloggers.

What Is SHE Media?

She Media is a lifestyle media company that reaches over 74 million monthly visitors, focusing on the power of content and community to move the culture forward.

Their mission is to support underserved publishing partners and creators, providing economic opportunities to women-owned and minority-owned enterprises.

As part of their services, they created the Meaningful Marketplace platform aimed at members of various affinity groups.

SHE Media Collective

The She Media Collective is an integral part of She Media, comprised of a diverse community of women-owned and minority-owned publishers and creators.

The collective is dedicated to helping these creators reach their full potential, grow their audience, and generate revenue.

Through the Meaningful Marketplace platform, She Media Collective connects advertisers with these publishers, fostering collaborations and economic opportunities.

Penske Media Corporation

She Media is a subsidiary of the Penske Media Corporation, a leading digital media and information services company with a portfolio that includes many prominent brands across fashion, luxury, lifestyle, and entertainment.

As part of the Penske Media Corporation, She Media benefits from the resources, knowledge, and expertise that come with being part of a renowned global media organization.

By partnering with She Media, you can expect to be part of a thriving community of publishers and creators, leveraging their expertise and services to grow your business and enhance your online presence.

Ad Monetization and Technology

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Innovative Ad Technology

If you choose to place ads with SHE Media, you’ll have access to their innovative ad technology, which powers not only their flagship brands but also their media partner network.

This best-in-class ad management platform delivers outstanding results by maximizing engagement with the right audiences and providing valuable insights and optimizations.

With a focus on women’s interests, SHE Media helps you reach relevant and engaged consumers through its ad network.

Ad Types and Settings

SHE Media offers a wide range of ad types and settings to help you effectively monetize your content.

Some of the ad types you can expect include:

  • Display ads: Traditional banner ads in various sizes, providing a robust revenue stream for your website.
  • Native ads: Seamlessly integrate sponsored content with your editorial offering by using native ads that match the look and feel of your site.
  • Video ads: Capitalize on the growing demand for video content by leveraging SHE Media’s premium video ad inventory.

In addition to diverse ad formats, SHE Media provides you with advanced ad settings to customize and optimize your ad placements.

These settings allow you to take control of the ad experience, ensuring your site remains brand safe while maximizing ad revenue.

She Media Dashboard and Reporting

Online Dashboard Reporting

The She Media Dashboard offers a user-friendly interface for tracking your ad revenue and performance on She Media.

You can easily access your earnings, view key metrics, and gain insights into your traffic patterns.

The dashboard displays a variety of information, such as:

  • Earnings summary: A quick overview of your earnings for different timeframes.
  • RPM & CPM metrics: Monitor how much you’re earning per thousand pageviews and the cost per thousand impressions.
  • Traffic sources: Discover which channels are driving the most traffic to your content.

However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported glitches with the She Media Dashboard, where it may not capture the correct number of sessions, which could potentially inflate your RPMs.

To prevent this from being an issue, you should regularly compare your media dashboard’s data to your website’s analytics platform.

Google Analytics Integration

Seamlessly integrating She Media Dashboard with your Google Analytics account provides additional insights into your ad performance.

By doing so, you can:

  • Easily compare revenue data from She Media with your website traffic data in Google Analytics.
  • Gain more accurate reporting, as you’ll be able to cross-reference data between the two platforms.
  • Optimize your ad placements and content strategy based on the combined information from your She Media dashboard and Google Analytics.

Connecting She Media with Google Analytics is a straightforward process involving adding your Analytics tracking code to the She Media platform.

Once integrated, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your website’s performance and ad revenue under one roof.

Remember to keep track of your ad performance and make adjustments as needed.

Professional Services and Support

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Customized Support Services

You’ll find a professional services team at She Media dedicated to providing customized support services tailored just for you and your media needs.

The team is well-versed in various aspects of media support, ensuring that you receive the necessary guidance to help your content thrive.

With full-service support, you can expect a highly personalized experience that includes ongoing assistance to address any challenges you may face in the ever-changing digital media landscape.

The team is small however, so it can take some time for them to get back to you in response to support requests.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Dedicated account management that adapts to your specific needs
  • Responsive media support to address any concerns or questions you may have
  • Assistance in optimizing your content for maximum reach and engagement

SEO Audits

Another aspect of She Media’s professional services is an extensive focus on SEO.

By offering SEO audits, the team can help analyze and optimize your content to ensure it ranks well in search results.

This is essential for driving traffic to your website and increasing overall visibility.

The SEO audits provided by She Media are designed to:

  • Analyze your current content strategy
  • Identify opportunities for improvement to boost search rankings
  • Offer actionable insights on keyword usage, on-page optimization, and more
  • Ensure that your content is aligned with best SEO practices

With She Media’s SEO audit services, you and the professional services team can collaborate to optimize your content for maximum visibility, leading to a more successful and sustainable online presence.

So, embrace their expertise and watch your site grow!

Content and Revenue Opportunities

Native Ads and Sponsored Content Campaigns

Native ads blend seamlessly with your content, ensuring your audience can still enjoy high-quality content while also generating revenue.

Sponsored content campaigns open up new revenue streams by partnering with advertisers to create custom content that aligns with both your brand and theirs.

This not only helps increase your media RPMs but also attracts US-based traffic, further enhancing your earning potential.

Bespoke Sponsored Events

Another great opportunity provided by SHE Media is participation in bespoke sponsored events.

These exclusive events allow you to collaborate with advertisers, offering them unique speaking opportunities and editorial inclusion.

Your involvement in these events enables you to create new connections, expand your audience reach, and diversify your revenue sources.

Exclusive Influencer Offerings

Lastly, SHE Media enables you to capitalize on your influence by offering exclusive influencer offerings.

This means you can partner with brands and advertisers for special promotions, exclusive content, or unique collaborations.

As an influencer, you’ll benefit from increased visibility, while your partners will appreciate the targeted access to your audience.

By effectively utilizing these various content and revenue opportunities provided by SHE Media, you’ll be better positioned to grow your brand and maximize your earning potential.

Partnerships and Benefits

Independent Publishers and Small Business Owners

As an independent publisher or small business owner, partnering with SHE Media can provide you with economic opportunities and valuable support in growing your brand.

By joining the Meaningful Marketplace platform, you will gain access to a supportive community of women-owned and minority-owned publishers and creators.

This allows you to collaborate and share experiences with like-minded professionals in your industry.

Comparison with Other Ad Networks

When comparing SHE Media to other ad networks, there are several advantages to consider.

Firstly, the SHE Media team’s focus on promoting women-owned and minority-owned businesses provides unique positioning within the market.

This commitment to fostering a more inclusive industry sets them apart from many other networks.

Moreover, the Meaningful Marketplace platform not only offers support and opportunities for brand building but also prioritizes addressing industry trends and shifts.

This active response to changes in the market ensures that you, as a publisher or small business owner, will have access to the most up-to-date strategies and tactics for success.

Lastly, by working closely with SHE Media, you will receive personalized media support and attention, allowing you to develop a tailored approach to your content strategy.

Other ad networks may lack this personal touch, which can make all the difference in helping your brand thrive.

Remember, as you explore potential partnerships and opportunities for your business, it’s essential to consider the unique benefits and support that SHE Media can offer you as an independent publisher or small business owner.

Site Optimization and Growth

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Site Speed and Performance

Improving site speed is crucial for user experience and search engine optimization.

By optimizing your website’s performance, you’re ensuring that your content loads quickly and efficiently for your readers.

This not only results in a better experience for them but also helps in getting higher rankings in search engines like Google.

Regularly updating your site with fresh and engaging content also improves its performance, as search engines favor frequently updated websites.

Virtual Events for Traffic Growth

Virtual events can significantly boost your website’s traffic, maximize revenue, and gain added exposure.

Many bloggers have found success in creating and hosting virtual events that align with their niche audience.

These virtual events, combined with your regularly updated site and engaging blog posts, can also attract new traffic sources that help in your blogging journey.

You can organize webinars, interviews, or even collaborate with other bloggers to host live and virtual events that offer valuable insights, experiences, or learning for your audience.

This not only helps in enhancing your website traffic but can also establish you as an authority in your niche.

Payment and Thresholds

Earning Potential and Passive Income

With She Media, you can expect to see an increase in your earning potential as they work with high-quality content to provide a variety of ad types, emerging formats, and exclusive speaking opportunities.

This helps you as a small business owner or independent publisher to gain added exposure and maximize your revenue.

As a part of their full-service support, She Media also offers SEO audits, tactical webinars, and virtual events that help you grow your traffic sources and enhance your passive income.

Their media team, with a holistic approach, assists you in aligning your editorial inclusion and ad settings to create a regularly updated site that attracts more visitors.

Payment Details and Thresholds

As a publisher working with She Media, you may experience a bit longer wait times to reach the payment threshold, but it’s important to understand their process for payments.

Payments are generally made on a NET35 basis, but it’s always a good idea to review their payment terms in detail to avoid any confusion.

Payment to US-based publishers is via ACH or PayPal, while international publishers can only receive payment via PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the income potentials with She Media?

With She Media, your income potential depends on various factors, such as your website’s traffic, niche, and ad placements.

How does She Media compare to Mediavine?

She Media and Mediavine are both popular ad networks with their unique pros and cons.

While She Media focuses on providing economic opportunities to underserved publishers, Mediavine is known for its high RPMs and stringent requirements.

In my experience, She Media offer innovative ad technology and is an excellent first step for those who hope to reach Mediavine traffic levels minus the drama of setting up with Ezoic (hard) or majorly slowing your site with Adsense.

What are the requirements to join She Media?

To join She Media, you need to be a member of an affinity group, such as women-owned or minority-owned publishers and creators.

Unlike other ad networks that require a minimum number of monthly pageviews, She Media focuses on supporting a diverse and inclusive community.

What is She Media’s average RPM?

The average RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) with She Media can vary based on factors such as your niche, ad placements, and audience demographics.

I have two sites in different niches and the RPM ranges between $9 – $16 per 1000 views. In my experience this is a lot more than Ezoic and around half of what Mediavine pays.

Is She Media a reliable ad network?

She Media has earned a positive reputation for empowering and supporting underserved publishers and creators.

They have a strong commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity, which can make them a reliable choice for your advertising needs.

SHE Media Review

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