Electric Kiwi Refer a Friend: $50 Free (Power Only) or $75 (Power & Broadband)

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2023 Update: Unfortunately, Electric Kiwi are no longer running their refer-a-friend promotions.

We’re friends, right? So it’s totally fine for me to share my Electric Kiwi refer a friend code with you so we can both get $50 off our power bills or $75 for both power and broadband! Interested?

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I was stoked to see that Electric Kiwi is accepting new customers in New Zealand.

I’ve been keen to try them out for ages, but I was with another spot-based retailer for a while and Electric Kiwi wasn’t accepting customers from spot-price retailers due to the crazy pricing conditions (which I hope have passed).

Anyway, they’ve just approved my application and I’m super excited to get started with them due to one main feature which can save a heap of money – the Hour of Power.

What is the Hour of Power?

Electric Kiwi's Hour of Power

The Hour of Power is a free hour of power during off-peak periods. You can nominate an hour that best suits you, as long as it’s outside peak usage periods.

You can change your nominated time within the app,

Here’s how I plan to get maximum value from my hour of power.

5 Ways to Max Your Hour of Power

Getting maximum value from the Hour of Power will require a wee bit of tweaking, but I reckon we’ll still be able to make it work for us (especially as I work from home).

1. Run the big appliances

I’m talking dishwasher, washing machine, dryer (we don’t have one so it’ll just be the washing machine for us).

Have those loaded and ready to press go by the time your hour starts.

2. Charge all your devices.

Plugin laptops, tablets and phones during your hour of power.

3. Have a shower/bath

Now this one was slightly confusing for me because, by the time the water leaves the showerhead, it’s already been heated.

But, to start your hot water cylinder heating the water, you need to drain the existing reserve.

So start your shower or bath a few minutes before the hour of power starts, and you’ll get the benefit of it.

4. Blast your heaters or aircon

This is where we will get huge value.

We have a north-facing living room which is absolutely scorching in the summertime.

I will now be able to run the heat pump as aircon in the afternoon for an hour (or as a heater in the morning in winter) and know I’m not bankrupting us.

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5. Use a timer

Get yourself a power plug timer if you can’t be at home during your hour of power. Mitre 10 has loads (see here).

If you’ve checked with Consumer Powerswitch and Electric Kiwi is coming up as an option that would save you money, don’t forget to use my Electric Kiwi refer a friend code to save $50 off your first power bill (and I will too, thanks!). 

Here’s the link: Get $50 Free Power or $75 Free Broadband and Emma will too – yeah!>>

2023 Update: I’ve now been with Electric Kiwi for 3 years and really happy with them. I’ve just switched to their broadband too as it currently offers two free months and has no contracts. Perfect our flexible travel lifestyle. 

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