30 Things to Sell on Etsy To Make Money [2024 Guide]

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Whether you want a lucrative side hustle or want to make a full-time income while working from home, finding the right things to sell on Etsy can be a game changer.

Etsy is an online marketplace that specialises in offering unusual items via its network of Etsy store owners.

Selling on Etsy can be a simple way to make money while offering products that the site’s customers will love. It’s a win for everyone. 

A hand holding a cellphone near a laptop_Things to Sell on Etsy To Make Money

To be successful as an Etsy seller, what are the best things to sell?

This guide will take you through the top-selling items people search for and buy and top tips so that you can build a thriving online business.

Best Things to Sell on Etsy to Make Money

The range of items to sell on Etsy is vast, and includes the likes of vintage items, jewellery, crafts, wall art, personalised items, clothing and handmade products.

Then there’s home d├ęcor, wedding items, party decorations and much more. 

If you want to start selling items on Etsy, discover 30 of the best products to offer the site’s huge marketplace of willing buyers.

You really can build a successful, home-based Etsy business that’s flexible enough to fit around your family’s lifestyle.

What’s more, is that running an Etsy store can be the ideal way to secure a passive income where the money keeps flowing in even while you sleep.

1. Handmade Jewellery

Screenshot of handmade jewelry category listing on the Etsy website in an article about the best things to sell on Etsy to make money.

One of the most popular things to sell on Etsy is handmade jewellery, and there’s plenty of scope to offer personalised items within this category.

Even if you’ve never made jewellery before, it’s a skill that’s surprisingly easy to learn.

Self-taught jewellery makers often pick up the techniques from library books or Pinterest, and there are so many craft supplies available that some pieces can be made in just a few minutes.

It can often be an assembly job, simply adding charms or pendants to a ready-made bracelet, necklace or earring hook, before listing the complete item on Etsy.

Buying all the ‘findings’ – as they’re known in the trade – is also easy as they’re available on eBay, specialist sites, Amazon and even Etsy itself.

Wedding items, for instance, can be a good earner, and these can be personalised to reflect the colour scheme or wearer’s initials.

Swarovski crystals are ideal for this, as their sparkly beads come in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes.

2. Jewellery Supplies

Craft supplies are another of the biggest selling items on Etsy.

With so many jewellery makers using the Etsy platform to buy and sell, you already have access to a captive market.

These can easily be bought from wholesalers like Ali Baba or more specialist sites before being packaged in smaller quantities to sell.

From a supply of sterling silver earring hooks to a ready-made charm bracelet or a set of colourful or metallic beads, the demand for jewellery findings on Etsy shows no signs of slowing.

Creative crafters could also offer jewellery-making kits on Etsy, containing everything required for pretty handmade items.

3. Craft Kits

You can of course, sell all sorts of supplies on Etsy, but one of the best ways to make more profit from your Etsy shop is to offer complete craft kits.

They are one of the most searched-for things to sell on Etsy, and the merest glance at the Pinterest platform shows just how popular making your own is.

Good, clear photography can be essential here, as people will want to see on the Etsy listing precisely what they can create and how easy it’s likely to be.

Ready-made kits – including all items kids or adults need to make something lovely – is one of the best things to sell on Etsy.

4. Stickers

Whether designed for use as removable wall decals, aimed at young kids or for making greetings cards or wedding invitations, stickers are one of the best sellers on the Etsy platform.

The size also means very low shipping costs and that little storage space is required.

Stickers bought wholesale can be sold on Etsy, or some of the best-selling items include unique designs created by the seller.

Free-to-use design platforms like Canva can help with graphics, and you can then sign up for a print-on-demand service.

If you find one that will ship the items too, you don’t require storage space or trips to the postal service.

Used to decorate anything from a car bumper or kids’ pencil case to a whole wall, stickers are a low-investment item that is well worth selling on Etsy.

5. Handmade Cards

With a good profit margin, handmade cards are a great item to sell on Etsy.

Get the right supplies, such as stickers and other embellishments, and they can be made very quickly, too.

Personalised cards are one of the types that sell best on Etsy, and wedding or party items such as invitations or thank you cards often do well.

Again, these are handmade products that are affordable, quick and easy to make before offering them for sale via your online shop.

They also take up little storage space and shipping costs are low.

It’s no wonder sellers love to offer unique handmade cards via the Etsy platform.

6. Personalised cards

You don’t even have to be crafty to offer products in the cards category.

Again, the graphic design platform Canva can help you create stunning designs in a matter of mere moments.

Each buyer can order precisely what they want before you arrange printing and shipping, so there’s no wastage or need for storage space.

If you enjoy some simple design work, personalised cards offered via an Etsy shop could sell well.

Handmade doesn’t even have to come into it.

7. Photography

Anyone good with a camera can make some serious cash by selling their prints in an Etsy shop.

They’re also some of the easiest items to sell as they’re easy to print and post when required.

You can sell the pictures on Etsy just as they are, printed onto good quality photographic paper.

Or use inexpensive store or bulk-bought frames to enhance them.

Photos can also be printed onto t-shirts, mugs, notebooks or just about anything else you want to sell.

8. Digital Art

If you don’t fancy offering cards for sale or would like to offer a wider a range of products, other graphics like wall art could be a good bet.

Creative ideas include inspirational or amusing quotes, song lyrics or excerpts from books or original prints you make yourself (that’s how Trina makes money on Etsy, she shared her story here)

Personalised graphic prints that tell a story are also popular, such as those that sell as newborn baby or wedding gifts.

These can be sold as printables, so you don’t even need to worry about doing that.

Nor about sending them by post.

If you prefer, though, you could offer framed or unframed prints.

When bought in bulk, there’s potential for a good mark-up on the frames used.

9. Printable Planners

One of the best-selling items on the Etsy platform is a printable planner.

It’s an item with a high search volume and great potential for making a passive income once you’ve perfected the design.

Once your printable planner is complete and listed for sale, you can sit back and watch the dollars roll in. Sweet!

Our top tips regarding what buyers want include meal, fitness, budget, work, family and diary planners.

You could also search Pinterest for inspiration.

Consider where your buyers will keep the planner too – can they easily pin it to the fridge or stick it to the board by their desk, for example?

10. Journals and Notebooks

Notebooks and journals are also favoured by anyone who wants to get organised or loves stationery.

All sorts sell on Etsy, and for those with a shop on the platform it’s a simple way to make money.

You could either buy these wholesale, complete with design, or create your own unique products via Canva or other graphics sites or software.

A though-provoking, vintage style or pretty journal or notebook is one of the most popular desk accessories around, so there’s no reason why you couldn’t set up a successful sideline selling these popular items on Etsy.

11. Party Supplies

Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a Golden Wedding anniversary or a grown-up’s milestone birthday, party supplies are hot with Etsy sellers and buyers.

Products on Etsy in this category include banners, party bags, decorations, cake toppers, invitations and much more.

Don’t forget about wedding items too.

This is the biggest party many people throw in an entire lifetime, so there’s lots of scope to market wedding supplies to Etsy shoppers with cash to splash.

12. Wedding Dresses

You may be inclined to skip this category if you’re not an accomplished tailor or seamstress, but what about vintage products?

Etsy sellers can deal in one-off, handmade wedding dresses that they’ve either made themselves – or bought for the purpose of selling on.

These can be obtained from thrift stores, or via local buying and selling pages on social media networks like Facebook.

Selling products for weddings is always a good Etsy shop option.

If you’re handy with a needle and thread or sewing machine then you could also offer outfits for bridesmaids or other members of the wedding party.

13. Handmade Clothing

If you are a dab hand when it comes to putting together fabulous items made from fabric or yarn, you could make money by selling on Etsy.

Whether it’s knitted hats or cardigans for newborn babies, a one-off crocheted shawl to give as a practical, minimalist gift or a dress made to the pattern supplied by the buyer, handmade clothes do sell on Etsy.

Any buyer browsing your Etsy shop will be delighted to come across true one-off items that no one else will be wearing.

14. Handcrafted Accessories

Handmade accessories are very bit as popular as handmade garments – perhaps even more so.

Search on Etsy and you will come across lots of items such as knitted scarves, handcrafted hats or soft, cozy socks.

If you sell on Etsy and offer one-off items, it’s ultra important to make sure you use clear photographs that show off your good to their best advantage.

A little creativity doesn’t go amiss either, especially when you’re expecting people to buy into your artistry.

What sells best on Etsy in this category? It’s worth taking a look at the story of mega Etsy seller 3BN – ThreeBirdNest – for a little inspo.

This hugely successful Californian business did so well on Etsy that its owner was making close to a million per year by 2015.

Using Pinterest to promote items, following Etsy’s own guides, great photography and using product names people actually search for were apparently some of the secrets of 3BN’s success.

The brand now sells via its own website.

15. Homemade Beauty Products

Let big brands Lush and The Body Shop be your inspiration for this category.

Founded in Poole, UK, Lush customers flock to buy fragranced bath fizzers and soaps as well as potions packed with fresh, natural ingredients.

The Body Shop dates back even further, and its roots are found in the small, southern English seaside town of Littlehampton.

Organic and homemade beauty products have never been more popular, and sellers on Etsy make good money by offering these.

If you can incorporate locally sourced produce and recyclable containers into what you offer in your Etsy shop, so much the better.

16. Self Care Packages

Self care gift boxes have never been more popular, and they’re one of the top things to sell on Etsy.

These hampers can be themed – such as a beauty care box – or can contain a mix of pampering items, such as flavored teas, chocolate treats, aromatherapy candles or sprays, face masks and nail polishes.

The possibilities are pretty much limitless, and as with all gift items these don’t just do well on Etsy; they are also one of the best tips for turning a tidy profit.

Why not think about the sort of self care hamper range you could create, and promote for free via Pinterest?

17. Foodie Gift Boxes

Build on the self care gift box theme by settling on the food category for your store.

Who doesn’t love to receive a package filled with delicious, edible delights?

Items like this already offered by Etsy sellers include best selling products such as afternoon tea hampers, gift boxes featuring food from a specific region and those containing retro style sweets.

Do bear in mind that freshness could be an issue to address with some kinds of foodstuffs, and how will you source supplies?

Packaging the produce may also be time consuming.

As people will pay a premium for gifts, however, a food gift box is still one of the best things to sell on Etsy to make money.

18. Sustainable Products

The concept of zero waste is making massive waves right now, so why not get on the bandwagon while helping to save the planet?

The basic tenet is to send as little as possible to landfill – preferably zero.

So refillable and chemical free products are some of the most effective in both business and environmental terms.

Sales are booming when it comes to reusable takeaway coffee mugs, washable sanitary products and diapers and eco-friendly or refillable toiletries.

Think about what we throw away.

Food and drinks containers and beauty items like cotton wool pads, for example, are high on the list.

How could your sustainable product range solve that sort of problem?

19. Vintage Items

Selling vintage items is another way to recycle, while offering unique, one-off home and living finds as an Etsy seller.

Things to sell on Etsy that have been pre-loved include clothing and accessories, homeware and furniture.

Mid-century pieces are particularly popular in terms of furniture, while sales of vintage dresses from all eras remain consistently high.

Comb your local thrift stores or house clearance outlets for that 1920s flapper dress or original Ercol sideboard.

Sometimes, people even strike it lucky at a neighborhood dumpster!

20. Homeware

Some of the best selling items on the Etsy platform are items used to make the home more attractive or comfortable.

With the surge in remote working and the popularity of the staycation, homeware items sell well on Etsy.

Possibilities include furniture, artwork, ornaments, wallpaper, vases and soft furnishings like cushions and throws.

Anything that creates the ‘hygge’ vibe is ever-popular, especially in colder states or countries.

21. Candles

Rather than being included under homeware, candles deserve a category of their own, as one of the best things to sell on Etsy.

There are lots out there already, though, so the trick is finding something a little quirky or otherwise unique.

Could your shop stock candles to suit hobbies or children, or stand out because they are rainbow striped, ombre or packed with glitter?

As any established Etsy candle seller will tell you, using lots of essential oils also makes for the best aromatherapy candles around.

22. Printed Mugs

The list of themes, names and slogans you can list for sale in an Etsy store is almost endless.

From a simple initial to a movie quote or seasonal sentiment, mug sales are always strong.

Again you can arrange printing and dropshipping on demand with companies like Printify, so there’s no need to store boxes of breakable goods in your basement, garage or office.

Canva offers mug templates too, so you don’t even need any particular skills to get started.

Pick a logo or font from their range and you’re off!

23. Stylish T-shirts

A stylish, funny or slogan t-shirt is also a hugely popular item – for gifting in particular.

As with mugs, you can arrange printing as required and direct dropshipping.

You guessed it – Canva allows you to design your own t-shirts too.

If you use their pre-set templates, we do recommend getting creative by mixing up the colours, fonts, logos and sizes.

Otherwise you’ll be selling the exact same stuff as others: not the best items to sell on Etsy if you want to make money.

24. Phone Cases

The creative type of shopper who spends time surfing on Etsy is highly likely to want a unique or personalised phone case.

Making this one of the best things to sell.

As with mugs and t-shirts, these can be printed on demand by dropshipping companies

25. Enamel Pins

Create your own enamel pin designs and you could be part of one of the best things to sell on Etsy.

When designed and ordered in quantities of about 100 or more, they are very cheap to come by.

Your shop stock shouldn’t be a problem, as they’re so small and thus easy to find space for.

If you hit on some best selling designs, there’s easy and big money on Etsy to make from this.

A platform like Vivipins makes designing your pins for Etsy really simple.

For ideas, why not check out Pinterest?

26. Pet Supplies

Perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind when considering what things to sell on Etsy to make money, but people sure do love to pamper their pets.

Whether you stock your Etsy shop with cute items bought wholesale or specialise in one-off or handmade finds, pet supplies are among the best-selling items found on Etsy.

Items to sell include collars for dogs and cats, dog leashes, toys and even pet clothing.

As any feline friend will know, cats will also go crazy for anything containing catnip.

27. Baby Accessories

Whether it’s fashion or safety first, baby accessories make ideal Etsy shop stock.

Anything that makes a baby safer, cuter or keeps them smiling is a sure-fire hit.

Great photography and packaging is a must, as these will often be sold as gifts.

Ideas include hair accessories, teethers, clothing, toys and personalised milestone products.

As gifts these can be one of the best things to sell, but do make sure safety is a priority before listing any item.

28. Purses And Bags

As one of the must-have fashion accessories that can really ramp up your look, bags or purses are not surprisingly worth selling on Etsy.

Sell something unique and you could make serious money on Etsy.

You could choose to specialise in vintage, hand-sewn or unusual designs or offer any kind of purse or bag that you think will really sell.

Personalised bags are also one of the best customizable things to sell via an Etsy shop.

29. House Plants

Yes, this one surprised us a little too, but believe it or not there is a big market out there for house plants.

If you can sow and grow, you could be reaping the rewards.

The most challenging aspect of selling items on Etsy like this is packaging and delivery.

How will you keep the plant fresh and looking attractive?

That said, people already sell plants on Etsy to make money and do so very successfully.

If you have green fingers and love gardening, this could be a great enterprise to run from home.

30. Seasonal Gifts

Clever sellers are tuned into the annual events calendar, which begins when we see in the New Year and ends with Christmas.

In between, you have Valentine’s, Thanksgiving and Halloween, as well as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Producing goods to be given as gifts for any of these seasons is bound to be a moneyspinner.

Consider how you’ll cope with the inevitable peaks and lulls when running a shop offering gifts for one or more specific seasons.

Things to Sell on Etsy – FAQs

What is the most popular thing to sell on Etsy?

There’s a really easy way to see what’s hot on Etsy at any given time. 

Go to the site and check out the ‘Editor’s Picks’ and ‘Popular Gifts Right Now’ sections on the homepage.

This will give you a quick, at-a-glance guide to what might sell on Etsy.

From party decorations or home decor to art, clothing or stickers, this will give you a glimpse into Etsy SEO and e-commerce.

As well as inspo regarding what you could start selling via the platform. What sort of shop can you see yourself setting up? What sort of mark-up could you expect on sales?

What is the easiest thing to sell on Etsy?

Don’t forget, from the outset, that Etsy takes fees for every item sold. So you must factor the cost of keeping a shop, including a listing fee for each item.

When you sell, Etsy charges payment processing and transaction fees on all items. Where sales come from their off-site advertising, additional fees are also payable.

So, the easiest things to sell on Etsy ideally fit several criteria.

Is it worth selling on Etsy, for the profit you’ll make?

What sells best on Etsy, and is there a gap in the market or a weakness in the competition? How much do you need to sell, and how much work will you put in?

Is postage or storage involved? This is why some of the easiest products on Etsy to deal with are digital.

That way, you’re selling products that customers can download themselves.

But beware of the competition, and bear in mind that another niche might serve your interests better.

Can I make money on Etsy in 2024 and beyond?

Can you still sell on Etsy and be successful?

Will customers actually go for your carefully chosen accessories, art, clothing or whatever items you offer in your category? 

Some do very well indeed, but it’s not a decision to rush into.

There are many factors to consider, not least Etsy fees and the fact that the competition may already have a loyal customer base.

That said, you don’t necessarily have to do anything new to build a successful Etsy business.

Customers have already proved they want the top-selling items, so you can do well on an Etsy store if you fill a gap – or simply offer a better or cheaper option than another seller.

Top tips for a successful store include professional-looking photography, using Pinterest and social media to attract extra traffic and following the seller guides Etsy offers.

Though you may wish to create interesting product names, it makes more sense from an Etsy SEO point of view to use actual terms people will search for.

This is business and the aim is to sell!

Treating an Etsy shop as a business is the best way to make serious money from the platform.

If you see it as a side hustle, then it’s more likely to stay that way.

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

Etsy fees are charged at various stages of the sales process. Sellers pay a fee to list an item, and are then charged additional fees for each product sold.

The Etsy store itself is free to set up – though you will pay a fee for listing an item. Other fees are then due for each transaction and the processing of payments.

If a customer finds your business via Etsy off-site ads, then an extra fee will also be billed for. Find out all about the current Etsy fee structure here.

Do Etsy sellers need to pay taxes?

Yes, any profit made from an Etsy store is taxable.

However, this also means every sales fee – as well as all materials, goods, equipment and marketing costs – can be deducted from the profit before your tax is calculated.

It’s best to check with the IRD or equivalent in your country, and you’ll need to register your Etsy business with them in any case.

Where can I learn more about how to sell on Etsy?

It’s worth checking out the Etsy training offered via SkillShare.

One of the most popular courses has been created by Etsy themselves.

There are also more specialised courses, covering topics like how to make money from digital download sales and how to set up a profitable store on Etsy.

YouTube can also be a great resource – again, simply search ‘Etsy’ and see what content might relate to what you want to sell.

You can also check out our guide to handmade crafts to sell on Etsy.

What will be your favourite things to sell on Etsy?

If selling items on Etsy appeals to you, why not give it a whirl?

Apart from the small initial listing fee, you really do have nothing to lose.

Successful sellers have proven time and time again that following all the tips given by others and Etsy themselves can lead to the creation of a profitable, enjoyable side hustle – or even a full-time business.

Imagine the feeling when someone shares your item via Pinterest.

When the first sales roll in, it will feel even better.

Why Etsy? Top for quirky, vintage, handmade and unique items, the platform has a huge global audience. So you never know. Selling on Etsy might even transform your entire life.

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