Valued Opinions New Zealand Review

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If you want to take paid surveys for vouchers or as a way of making extra income, you can’t go past Valued Opinions as a legit survey site in New Zealand.

There are many reasons I consider Valued Opinions to be one of the best survey sites in New Zealand, so in this Valued Opinions NZ review, I’m going to discuss why I prefer Valued Opinions over other survey sites and share others’ reviews of this Kiwi survey site.

Valued Opinions NZ Review

If you’re looking to earn free gift cards, you can take surveys with Valued Opinions and start building a gift card stash today.

Valued Opinions offers surveys in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and more.

How regular are their offers

I get emails almost daily with new surveys from Valued Opinions.

I have noticed that Valued Opinions send me way more emails after I’ve completed surveys, so keeping an active profile seems to be important.

How do you earn points

Just by taking surveys.

Valued Opinions pays in local currency, so I get actual cash value every time I take a survey.

This is why Valued Opinions are my favourite survey site. They are transparent. No confusing points system.

In this Valued Opinions NZ review I will show you how to earn vouchers with Valued OpinionsEach email I receive with an invite to participate in a survey tells me how much it pays and how long it’ll take.

I know ahead of time if it’s worth my effort.

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How much do they pay

In New Zealand, Valued Opinions claim to pay up to $5 per survey.

The highest offer I’ve had recently was $4 for a 30-minute survey.

I usually get invites for surveys taking 10-15 minutes paying $1-$2.

How to redeem points

Redemption is simple.

In the dashboard, click over to ‘My Rewards’.

Valued Opinions rewards

Your balance will be clearly shown at the top right of the page.

You can then select the rewards you like.

They are currently:

  • Farmers $20
  • Rebel Sport $10
  • Mighty Ape $20
  • Xbox Digital Gift Card $25
  • J-B Hifi $20
  • Subway $10
  • XBox live 3-month subscription $30
  • iTunes $20
  • Super Cheap Auto $20
  • Hoyts cine-voucher $12 (1 Adult ticket)
  • Unicef donation $10

To redeem your reward, you must verify your account with a valid number for the region.

This involves entering your mobile number and being sent a validation code, which you’ll then need to enter to complete the redemption of your reward.

It is stated in the Valued Opinions help section that you can also validate with a landline, but I’ve never done this so can’t advise how it works.

Other things to note

Valued Opinions do not pay cash. If you’re looking for Valued Opinions PayPal rewards you will be disappointed.

I don’t mind this too much as I always find a use for Farmers vouchers, but if you want to take Kiwi surveys for cash you’ll need to find another survey site (my picks for the best New Zealand surveys here).

If a survey is full Valued Opinions will usually offer you an alternative if there is one available.

What do other people think?

Valued Opinions reviews tend to be positive, especially here in New Zealand.

Most reviewers state they don’t have a problem getting paid and receiving rewards isn’t too taxing.

I think the key thing to remember when reading reviews of any survey site is to be realistic.

A lot of negative reviews stem from people saying the pay is too low to justify their time.

If I extrapolate my earnings from taking surveys it’s between $6-10 an hour which is well below the minimum wage. But this isn’t a job. I use my survey earnings to pay for gifts so I don’t have to touch our savings.

I do surveys when I’ve switched the washing machine on or sat down for a coffee.

This is the time I’d usually be surfing Facebook, which pays me nothing at all.

If you’re realistic with your expectations, taking paid surveys with Valued Opinions is an excellent side hustle.

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Have you taken surveys with Valued Opinions? What do you think of them?

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