Paid Market Research: 6 NZ Companies That’ll Pay for Your Opinions

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A simple and lucrative way for Kiwis to make some extra cash is to attend paid market research NZ-wide.

Market research is also known as focus groups or discussion panels.

I attended paid market research sessions regularly before I had kids and have recently started participating in them again.

What is a focus group?

According to Prime Research, “A focus group is an opinion-seeking panel discussion where consumers, just like you, are asked to share their thoughts on new ideas, products, policies, advertising, packaging and other topics.

As they are sometimes called, focus groups or research panels are more time-intensive than online surveys, but they also pay a lot better.

I’ve had offers ranging from $40 for a 40-minute session right up to $180 for a 3-hour session.

The best thing about this way of earning extra income is that you can fit it around your family.

Most sessions I’ve been invited to are run evenings and weekends, although that varies between companies.

Tip: Ngaire from Reid Research recommends joining all of the panels you can, regardless of location.

Panels are held nationwide so you never know when you might be selected.

What’s involved?

You’ll usually be emailed if you are suitable for a research session.

You might then need to submit a form with further information to qualify.

Once successful, you’ll be given confirmation, including date and time, location and payment details.

Sometimes, researchers will even attend your home for the sessions.

Each panel varies, so make sure you sign up for all of them to have maximum chances of being selected.

How to be successful

Be honest; remember, you are being paid to participate and share your opinions. If you are not the type of person who likes to speak up, you should look for another way to make extra cash.

Submit complete information. You’ll be selected based on your profile, so give as much detail as possible.

Paid Focus Groups Around New Zealand

If you’re interested in taking part in New Zealand focus groups as a way to make extra money, I’ve listed the top companies below. Visit the links to register on their websites.

Prime Research

Prime Research run focus groups all over the country (even in the ‘smallest of towns’ according to their GM, Kate).

You can apply to join Prime Research’s panel here 

Reid Research

Reid Research runs panels nationwide also. You can join their panel here

Opinions Market Research

Opinions is a Christchurch-based research firm. Join their panel here

People 4info

Join here

Dialogue Partners

Join here

Consumer Link

Consumer Link works with Flybuys members. You can join their panel here


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